BRICS Meeting in Moscow has REMO contribution


REMO contributed to the success of the Second Meeting of the BRICS Working Group on Ocean and Polar Science and Technology, which occurred in the SHRISHOV Institute of Oceanology, Russian Academy of Sciences (SIORAS) from 1 to 2 August 2019. The Brazilian delegation was lead by Counselor Patrícia Chiarello, chief of the Science, Technology and Innovation Sector of the Brazilian Embassy in Mosow. The delegation included Prof. Osmar Muller (FURG) and Prof. Clemente Tanajura (UFBA and REMO), who presented talks about research in coastal oceanography in Brazil and data assimilation as a key-component of operational oceanography. A document was written with recommendations for priority areas to be developed in collaboration among BRICS countries. These include: 1) operational oceanography; 2) marine pollution; 3) deep sea research; 4) extreme environment research – permafrost, anoxia, hyperhaline water bodies etc. ; 5) impacts of climate variability and climate change on polar environment, 6) coastal processes and ocean-land interactions.