REMO participates in the GODAE OceanView-CLIVAR Workshop


The Technical Workshop on Observing System Evaluation and Inter-comparisons was held at the University of California, Santa Cruz, on June 13-17, 2011, promoted by GODAE OceanView and CLIVAR GSOP. The purpose of the meeting was to evaluate inter-comparisons of oceanographic analyzes produced by various data assimilation systems, to plan actions for future intercomparisons of forecasts of systems participating in GODAE OceanView and to strengthen the relationship between GODAE OceanVIew and CLIVAR by identifying points of interest common. Given that time series of oceanographic analyzes have been produced over 30 years in the framework of GODAE and GODAE OceaView, there is now possibility of conducting climate studies with these products. A compromise was established between members of GODAE OceanView, except for Brazil and India, to conduct sensitivity experiments to assimilate observations and upload forecasts to a server at the NRL in Stennis. REMO has the expectation that in less than a year it will be able to contribute information about the sensitivity experiments and upload its forecasts. An OER study entitled "The sensitivity study of short-range forecasts over the Atlantic METAREA V with HYCOM and the Cooper and Haines scheme using different sea surface heights" was presented by Jean Oliveira, João Alvarenga, Raquel Mello, Ana Freitas, Lucimara Russo and Clement Tanajura. More information about the workshop and the presentations is available at